Buy BUC-183 99% pure white powder online

Buy BUC-183 99% pure white powder online from Dropit-here.com the best store for research chemicals online. R-30490 is an opioid related to carfentanil used as an animal tranquilizer. It was first synthesized by Janssen Pharmaceutical as part of a structure-activity relationship study of fentanly and its derivatives. R-30490 was found to be the most selective agonist for the mu opioid receptor out of all the fentanyl analogues tested, but it has never been introduced for medical use in humans, although the closely related drug sufentanil is widely used for analgesia and anesthesia during major surgery. The market for chemicals is flourishing every day due to its high demand. And this is the reason it is getting tough for people to get the right chemicals according to their needs. However, this should not be an excuse for you to compromise with the quality of the source for chemicals. Get the finest quality chemicals from one of the most reliable sources called PLK Bio-Chem and get the chemicals that you want.

Buy BUC-183 powder online

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