Origin: Russia
Purity: 99.999% Purity, Free from heavy metals
Packing iron cylinder
Free from heavy metals
Physical State: Liquid
Appearance: Silver
Odor: Odorless


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The purest silver liquid mercury for sale

We have all encountered a beautifully gleaming liquid in the thermometers of the past. That’s what is referred to as silver liquid mercury. This peculiar metal can expand in exposure environments involving increasing temperature, which is why it is still used in devices to measure it.

Despite its scarcity, the bizarrely complex process of extracting the substance, and silver liquid mercury price, the metal can be of great help in industries, including those dedicated to household appliances, dental services, and medicine. It is a susceptible (in a certain way) metal considering its high density and ability to expand. Given that, you can use it for accurately measuring pressure and other physical characteristics, let alone temperature.

To be effective, the substance has to be extremely pure. A1 Researchers stands behind the 99,99% pure silver substance, the chemical with zero heavy metal inclusions. This means you can apply it anywhere it can be used for its high-grade purity and additive-free nature.

Buy silver liquid mercury for particular purposes

Mercury is known for its toxicity since the metal vapor can take its toll on various systems of the human body – including the nervous and digestive systems – as well as skin and eyes. You should be careful while transporting it because even a minor spill can grow into a fractious situation for you and those around you.

Still, this is the banes of long-term exposure to the substance in a poorly ventilated room. If you handle the situation quickly, no harm is done. With safe practices, you can then use silver liquid mercury for the following purposes:

  • Trigger reactions for sodium hydroxide using mercury as an electrolyte
  • Put together fillings by mixing the substance within your dental practice
  • Remove fungus due to its antibacterial properties
  • Extract gold from dregs using a chemical reaction

You can discover other applications of this mercury version, but these are the most common. However, you should neither store nor use it in places where children and people without the appropriate training may be present.

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